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Core Plugs
Core holes are created in the engine block when it is manufactured, and are used to transport coolant around the system. Engine coolant is vital in ensuring that the temperature is regulated, and coolant levels should be checked on a regular basis to reduce the risk of the engine overheating. These holes are closed off by

core plugs

that allow the coolant in, and not out - or at least that is the aim. Core plugs are made from rubber or metal and by the very nature of these materials they can start to wear or corrode, resulting in coolant leaks. These leaks can affect the engine temperature, and can cause further corrosion in other parts of the system so it's vital that they are repaired as soon as possible. New core plugs are inexpensive and easy to fit once you've located the leak and repaired the corroded areas. You can purchase new core plugs from Car Parts 4 Less today and we offer fast and free delivery to customers in mainland Britain, so place your order online now.
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