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Speedo Cables
When you push the accelerator pedal in your car it's essential that you know exactly how quickly you are going. Your speedo indicates the speed in miles and kilometres per hour, helping you to not only remain within the speed limits on the particular road but so that you can maintain a speed that you can control and brake from sufficiently enough to stop without causing or being involved in an accident. In order for an accurate speed reading you rely on your speedo cable to transmit information from the engine to the dashboard, but like most cables that are prone to wear and tear, along with failures. The various components of the cable could have been poorly designed or time may just have taken its toll on the speedo cable causing it to stop working. If this happens it can be very dangerous as you may not know how quickly you're driving or how long it will take to stop. Fortunately you can buy new

speedo cables

from our range of cheap car parts, and at Car Parts 4 Less we will even deliver them to you fast, and for free, in mainland Britain.
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