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Suspension Fluid
The suspension system in your vehicle is constantly working hard to iron out the bumps on the uneven road surface to provide as comfortable a ride as possible. The faster you drive the more your car moves around, especially over bumps, tree roots and drains in the road which means that the suspension system can take a real battering throughout the journey. Parts such as the shock absorbers and suspension bushes rely on

suspension fluids

for the lubrication they need to stay in the best possible condition and to prevent other parts from slowly grinding them down. Lubricants and fluids such as steering and suspension fluids protect the different parts, allowing them to move up and down when they need to in order to help the car to turn and to iron out the bumps. A grinding sound under heavy braking or when going over a bump could mean that the suspension fluid is running low. Cheap lubricants and fluids are available right here at Car Parts 4 Less and we offer fast, free delivery so don't put your car at risk, order online today.
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