10 Ways To Add Value To Your Car

Modifying cars is increasingly popular, with 47% of UK drivers having done so. These days, there’s a huge selection of aftermarket parts available – some of which can add value to your car, as well allow you to personalise your vehicle. Although modifications can be expensive; 15% of people have spent over £1000, they don’t always add value to your car.

Here are the 10 car modifications that can bump up the value of your car.

Invest in an In-Car Entertainment System

If you own an older car, it might not have an entertainment system, and if you’re looking to increase the value of your car you should consider installing one or getting an upgrade if you do.

Drivers value in-car technology more than the car’s driving performance, with 61% of consumers believe it’s important that their car has the same operating dashboard as their phone.

Basic entertainment systems should include Bluetooth, Wifi and voice activated technology.

Install a Reversing Camera

Reverse parking can be tricky, particularly in tight spaces, and reversing cameras definitely make the job easier. Since 2018, all new cars are now fitted with cameras as standard for safety, therefore adding one to your car will add value.

Buy New Tyres

Old tyres will let you down! If you try and sell your car with worn tyres, any potential buyer will probably ask for a substantial discount.

Treat your car to some new tyres and the value of your car will increase.

Put on New Alloys

Many car disc on black background. 3d illustration

The perfect partner of new tyres; alloys are the most popular and one of the easiest car upgrades. Not only do they look good, they positively impact the driving performance and handling of your car, while immediately adding value to your car.

Get Leather Seats

Leather seats don’t just look and feel luxurious, they are really comfortable and easy to keep clean. They’re also renowned for adding value to used cars regardless of its make and model.

Wrap It

First things first, car wraps are completely removable and will not damage the paint underneath. In fact, wraps will help to protect your cars original paintwork.

Secondly, we all know that the colour of the car can impact its value; if you have opted for a daring colour, wrapping can make the car more appealing, resulting in a higher value. Of course, this is dependant on what wrap you choose!

Install Air Con

Although in Britain, we don’t always need it, research has shown that air con is one of the best things to bump up the value of your car.

Add Grilles

Of course grilles have aesthetic appeal, however they also play a vital role in cooling the engine. Aside from this, some can aid with safety in the event of a collision and others can even protect the body of a vehicle during off-roading activities.

Functional, specialist grilles can improve a car’s value because they add extra appeal for drivers.

Lower Your Suspension

Lowering the suspension of your car can actually help to increase the value of your car. This is because it improves the aerodynamics and handling of the vehicle. It can also help to increase safety as lowering the suspension changes the centre of gravity and reduces the risk of a rollover.

Also many drivers say that lowering the suspension makes their vehicle more comfortable.

High Performance Cold Air Intake

It is not enough to have a car that only looks the part as this alone will not increase its value the performance has to match the look. In fact, a fifth of men and almost one in 10 women have modified their car to improve its performance.

Cold air intakes will help to increase your car’s performance by introducing more air in the combustion system, meaning the engine uses less fuel to power the car. If you partner the cold air intake with other car modifications, such as a new exhaust, it will create a much more efficient system. By itself, manufacturer’s claim it can increase your engine power by 5-20 horsepower.

While modifications are a great way to alter the performance and look of your car, ensure you do you research as some modifications can alter the handling and overall safety of your vehicle. There are a number of factors that make a car road legal; ensure you know what these out before making any changes to your car!