5 Reasons You Should Buy Drilled Discs

Performance brake discs aren’t just bigger than standard brake discs, they also differ in their basic construction. This is most evident with the holes and grooves manufactures add to their performance discs. But what exactly are all the holes on drilled discs actually for? In this article we’re going to explain the advantages of drilled discs.

More Grip with Drilled Discs

92812003x-brake-disc Drilled DiscsUnlike standard brake discs drilled discs offer more grip, allowing you to brake harder and faster. This is due to the holes which have been drilled through the discs. The addition of the holes in the disc increases the friction coefficient between the brake pads and the brake disc. This increase can be felt most during the initial phase of braking.

Attractive and Sporty Look

drilled-discs-sports-carAesthetics is important to most performance vehicle owners and a set of drilled discs definitely won’t go unnoticed. Sporty vehicles need to stand out with small details and a set of drilled discs on your car is certain to give your car that extra ‘racing’ touch.

Wet Road Advantages of Drilled Discs

drilled-discs-wetIn wet conditions normal brake discs sometimes have a layer of water on the braking surface. This water can act as a cushion between the brake pad and the disc. The holes on drilled discs allow for the dispersal of any surface water, meaning that brake function won’t be compromised, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Better Heat and Gas Dispersion

Repeated hard braking in a short space of time results in the brake discs getting hot. You may have noticed this after an exuberant drive, along with a slight smell of burnt rubber (usually from the pads).

The heat produced under hard braking causes the resin of the brake pads to turn into gas. This gas acts as a barrier between the pad and disc, reducing the efficiency of your brakes. It is also known as brake fade.

Drilled discs can cool down quicker than standard discs due to the increase in surface area. They also allow for quick expulsion of the gases, meaning you won’t experience brake fade as quickly as you would on standard discs.

Keeping Your Brake Pads in Top Shape

drilled-discsStandard brake discs, over time, can leave a build up of material on the brake pad’s surface. This can have an impact on the function of the brake pads themselves.

The holes on drilled discs, on the other hand, have a scraping effect. This means that as you brake you are constantly renewing the pad surface, removing any material that could potentially reduce the responsiveness of your brakes.


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