Five Common Driving Offences You Didn’t Know Existed

Drinking Coffee When Driving

While most drivers are aware that speeding or talking on the phone is an offence, many might now know that simple behaviours such as eating at the wheel or adjusting your sat nav are offences that carry hefty fines and points penalties.

A shocking 88% of UK drivers admitted they were guilty of offences like these, risking fines of over £100 if they are caught.

Here are the five most common offences and the people most likely to commit them.

Eating At The Wheel

This was the most common misdemeanour, and could lead to three points on your licence and a £100 fine, and is something that many Brits are guilty of, with 39% of drivers admitting to snacking whilst driving.

Over two fifths (42%) of men said they had eaten at the wheel, whilst over a third (36%) of women admitted to the offence. The bad habit was especially prevalent amongst young drivers, with over half (56%) owning up to snacking and driving.

Manchester was the worst offending city, with almost half (49%) of Mancunians admitting to the behaviour.

Drinking At The Wheel

Another common offence, this could also lead to three points and a £100 fine and is something that 36% of Brits admitted to doing.

Nearly two in five (37%) of men owned up to hydrating on the move, while 34% of women said they had done it. 18-24 year olds were again found to be the most likely to commit this wrongdoing, and Manchester once again took the top spot, with 45% saying they had a refreshing drink at the wheel

Adjusting Your Sat Nav

Sat nav has become a vital tool for many drivers, but adjusting it whilst driving is an offence that could lead to six points and a £200 fine.

Almost a third (31%) of drivers admitting to doing this, and men (34%) were once again more likely to fiddle with their sat nav whilst driving than women (28%).

Nearly four in ten (39%) 18-24 year olds owned up to adjusting their sat nav on the move, making them the most likely age group to commit the offence, whilst Norwich was the worst offending city (38%).

Changing a CD

Nearly three in ten (29%) drivers admitted to changing their CD on the move, risking a punishment of between three and nine points and a £100 fine.

A third (33%) of  men said this was something they had done, compared to 28% of women. Middle aged drivers (45-54) were the most likely age group to commit the offence, with 39% admitting to the behaviour.

Leeds ranked as the city where drivers were most likely to change their CD whilst driving, with 39% admitting to the act.

Swearing At Other Drivers

Besides being a common courtesy, swearing at other motorists also carries the biggest punishment on this list, with three points and a huge £1,000 fine for the 26% of drivers who commit this offence.

Men (31%) were much more likely than women (23%) to use expletives behind the wheel, whilst 45-54 year olds (36%) were the worst offending age group.

Drivers in Sheffield were the most likely to admit to this behaviour, with 44% saying that they swear at other road users when they’re angry.

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