How To Keep Your Car Safe

Did you know that, in 2018 alone, there were 64,111 car thefts recorded in the UK? Discovering your car has been stolen is a driver’s worst nightmare, but don’t worry – there are a few things you can do to protect your vehicle from thieves.


Even if you already take some precautions to guard your car against theft, it really is better to be safe rather than sorry. Protect your car and keep it as secure as possible with the help of our top tips below.

Hide Your Valuables

We’re starting off with an obvious one. Remember, every time you leave your vehicle, check that nothing valuable is on show. Leaving items like your smartphone or a satnav out for passers-by to see will instantly single-out your vehicle. Not only will thieves have more to gain, it hints that you might take less care when it comes to securing your vehicle too.

Park Safely

Where you park, and how you park, makes a world of difference. Whenever possible, leave your vehicle in a well-populated, brightly lit area. If thieves have to operate under what’s essentially a spotlight, and run the risk of frequently being interrupted, they’re less likely to take the risk of stealing your vehicle.


When it comes to parking up, there are a few things you can do to make life more difficult for a car thief. Parking on a road? Experts advise turning your car’s wheels into the kerb. Similarly, when parking in a car park, be sure to turn the wheels towards another car. Both tips mean it’ll take a thief longer to move your vehicle.

Add Deterrents

If a thief is examining your vehicle, but can see a lot of obstacles in their way, they’ll think twice about breaking in and trying to steal your car. The easier, the better for thieves, so adding deterrents is a fantastic way to keep your car safe.


There are a handful of really useful accessories drivers can buy to ward off thieves. Make their job as difficult as possible by investing in a steering wheel lock like the Streetwize double hook steering wheel lock. Fit it over your steering wheel, lock it into place and store the key somewhere safe – seriously heavy-duty, it’ll be near-on impossible to break.


You could also invest a wheel clamp. The Sealey wheel clamp with lock and key is a great choice, under £50 and manufactured from sturdy steel. Not only will it stop your car from being moved, it’ll prevent your tyres from being stolen too.


Protect Your Keys

Today’s criminals can be seriously high-tech, and not all car thieves rely on smashing windows or breaking locks to gain access. Some use signal amplifiers and relay transmitters to perform keyless theft instead, meaning they can unlock your vehicle in seconds with no force required.


Signal amplifiers use radio-frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) to extend the range of your car fob’s signal. This means even if your key is safely stored away in your bedroom, a nearby thief outside can pick up the fob’s signal and use a relay transmitter to unlock the car. The relay transmitter essentially acts like your car fob, tricking your car into thinking it’s the key to allow access.


To stop this from happening, you should place your car fob into a signal blocker pouch. The Streetwize Keyless Signal Blocker Key Pouch, for example, blocks all kinds of signals, including RFID and NFC, meaning your car fob won’t be picked up by a signal amplifier.

Prevent A Getaway

Stop thieves in their tracks with a parking barrier. Foldable and super easy to install, just place a product like the Streetwize 3 leg parking barrier on your driveway or designated parking spot and lock it into place once you’ve parked up. It’ll completely block the way out, stopping a thief from driving away with your car.


With the key, you’ll be able to unlock and lower the parking barrier easily, meaning you can park freely without having to completely uninstall the barrier.

Invest In A GPS Tracker

Be prepared for the worst-case scenario with a GPS tracker. If your car is stolen, make sure you can relocate it by ensuring a GPS tracker, like the Streetwize Vehicle and Personal GPS tracker, is already inside.


You can use GPS trackers like this for a number of things, like suitcases and other personal items, but it’s really useful for car owners. All you need to do is insert a SIM card, charge up the tracker and then, in the event of car theft, send a message from your smartphone to the GPS tracker and you’ll receive a reply with the exact location of your car.


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