Calling All New Drivers: Five Tips to Improve Your Confidence on the Road

Passing your driving test is a happy day for motorists, but having a license doesn’t mean it’s all plain sailing from there. For most, driving is a skill that is fine-tuned over the years and driving solo can be intimidating for newly passed motorists for the first few months.


We asked drivers what their biggest fears were after passing their test, and motorway driving came out as the number one fear.


The top ten biggest worries and concerns of new drivers are:

– Motorway driving (31%)

– Crashing (28%)

– Driving in bad weather e.g. rain or snow (26%)

– Parallel parking (26%)

– Stalling (22%)

– Reverse parking (20%)

– Driving at night (19%)

– Driving on new or unknown roads (14%)

– Driving alone (14%)

– Car maintenance e.g. replacing oil or petrol (13%)


We spoke to Ian McIntosh, CEO of Red Driving School, to see how new drivers can improve their confidence when out and about on the road for the first few months.


Brush up on your route
Driving on new or unknown roads can be scary and the prospect of getting lost is very real. Take it slow and study the area beforehand to get an idea of where you’re going. Programme your sat nav before you leave and consider keeping a map in your car to give an overall perspective, just in case you struggle with the sat nav. Give yourself plenty of extra time for your journey so that you can take your time. If your sat nav estimates it takes an hour to get from A to B, allow 90 mins then you won’t get stressed in heavy traffic.


Consider taking extra lessons
Motorways are intimidating, especially for a new driver. A great way to overcome nerves regarding motorway driving is to make sure that you take a Pass Plus course after you pass your test just to give you that extra confidence! You can speak to your instructor about booking extra training after you’ve passed your test.


Carry out car checks before you set off
Driving at night time poses a new set of challenges that can leave some drivers feeling nervous. A good way to ensure that you feel confident when driving in the dark is to check, before you leave that all your lights are working, and your windows and mirrors are clean. This will maximise your visibility and help you feel more confident on the road.


Prepare your car for bad weather driving
Driving in bad weather, such as rain or snow can be quite intimidating. To help overcome this and to feel more prepared for your drive, de-ice your car, make sure that the engine is warmed up and all windows are free from mist before setting off.


Practise on quieter roads
After passing your test, driving completely alone for the first time without an instructor can be a nerve-racking prospect. Before heading out onto busy main roads by yourself, practise on quieter roads to build up your confidence when you’re alone in the vehicle and avoid rush hour. Once you feel more confident, slowly begin to venture out into busier areas.


Follow these tips, and you’re bound to be a confident driver in no time! Just remember not to let your confidence replace the quality of your driving, and ensure you follow the correct procedures at all times.


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