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Accelerator Cable
An accelerator cable links the pedal with the throttle. It therefore plays a vital role in your ability to control your car's speed. Replace worn or broken accelerator cable with low cost products from Car Parts 4 Less.
By linking the pedal to the throttle body, the accelerator cable ensures that you can to control the speed of the car with your foot. In newer cars, the cable responds to the motion of your foot by sending signals to your car's computer. This then tells the throttle to open or close. In older cars, the cable controls the throttle manually. In either case, you would have very little control over your car without the accelerator cable. Despite being made from wound metal wire inside a strong rubber casing, your accelerator cable will suffer wear in the form of fraying, stretching, or snapping. This in turn could make your car unpredictable and unsafe to drive. To make your car perform as it should, you must replace worn or broken cable immediately. Find the perfect accelerator cable for your vehicle at Car Parts 4 Less. We sell the best products at a price you can afford.
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