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Brake Servos
The brake servo (also known as a 'vacuum booster') increases braking pressure to make it easier to stop your car. For unbeatable value, replace your worn or damaged brake servo at Car Parts 4 Less.
The brake servo is a small, round, black canister that sits at the back of the engine bay. It uses a valve and diaphragm to create a partial vacuum of air. When you press down on your brake pedal, this allows air to enter the servo and closes the vacuum. This then sends pressurised air via a metal rod connected to a piston in the master cylinder. The purpose of all this is to make it easier for you to push down on your brake pedal. If your brake pedal becomes very difficult to press down, this is a sign that you need to replace your servo. Another sign occurs when the engine stalls as you apply the brakes. When your brake servo malfunctions, find the perfect low-cost replacement at Car Parts 4 Less.
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