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Catalytic Converters
Your exhaust system is made up of a large number of components, all designed to help to remove the potentially harmful gases from your vehicle through the tailpipe at the end of the system. One of the major exhaust parts is the catalytic converter that works to turn the pollutants created into less harmful substances before leaving the vehicle. A catalytic converter is located in the heart of the exhaust system and is made from strong, solid metal to prevent the gases from escaping through any holes. However, due to its location and proximity to the under side of the vehicle, corrosion can occur if you don't take good care of the vehicle and your exhaust parts. This can mean that the gases escape before they reach the catalytic converter. You may only notice this problem upon inspection with diagnostic tools, but it can be easily resolved by purchasing and fitting a new catalytic converter. Car Parts 4 Less supply a range of cheap

catalytic converters

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