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Fuel Pumps & Sender Units

Fuel pumps and sender units

play a vital role in not only delivering the right amount of fuel to the engine as and when it is required, but also in delivering an accurate reading as to how much fuel remains in the tank. Fuel pumps are tasked with delivering the petrol or diesel from the fuel tank, along the fuel pipes and hoses to the fuel injectors and, finally, the engine; while the sender units consist of a float and a metal rod that measures just how much is left in the tank. This measurement is delivered to the driver on the dashboard on a scale that goes from full to empty, with the needle on the dial indicating this measurement. New fuel pumps and sender units are a great way of ensuring that you have an efficient system and an accurate reading, and you can buy them here at Car Parts 4 Less. Our great parts finder tool will help you to find cheap fuel pumps and sender units from the biggest brands, allowing you to choose the car engine parts that are right for your car and budget. We also offer UK customers a fast, free delivery service. Browse the full range on our website today.
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