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In order for the ignition system to receive enough electricity to start the engine, it has to convert a relatively low voltage into a much higher voltage. This is done through the ignition coil but it cannot simply throw more electricity its way, it needs to control it some extent. This is the purpose of the ignition condenser, essentially absorbing some of the excess electricity while allowing the right amount through to the spark plugs in order to start the engine. The ignition condenser is now typically found on older cars as modern vehicles tend to use a diode instead, but it's still possible to buy new

ignition condensers

if yours is showing signs of wear or failing to absorb the electrical supply sufficiently. Car Parts 4 Less have a wide range of ignition condensers that are suitable for all makes and models, including parts from some of the biggest brands at the lowest prices. You can find the most suitable ignition condenser for your car and budget using our parts finder tool, and we offer fast and free delivery to customers in mainland Britain.
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