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Wheel Bearings & Hubs
Wheel bearings are used to support the wheel by providing minor changes in weight distribution that keep them aligned at all times. This makes it much simpler to turn the car without the feeling of the weight moving to one dominant side, and without resistance. You don't tend to notice problems with wheel bearings until you notice that the steering has grown increasingly loose or if there is a rumbling from one particular wheel. This could be caused by corrosion of the wheel bearings when water has got into one of the wheel hubs. These are the parts that connects the road wheel, and houses the bearings. This is the part where the wheel turns on the end of an axle, and they help to keep all four wheels perfectly aligned. Again, however, they are prone to corrosion and even serious damage if you clip a curb or are involved in a crash. New

wheel bearings and hubs

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