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Wheel Cylinders
Inside your car's wheels you have wheel cylinders. Their purpose in a drum brake system is to exert pressure onto the brake shoes when you press the brake pedal, creating the friction that slows each of the wheels. Each of your wheel cylinders contains two pistons that fill with brake fluid when the driver presses on the brake pedal, increasing and decreasing the amount of pressure on the brakes depending on whether you are applying them sharply or smoothly. As the wheel cylinders get older they can start to show signs of wear or damage, like most car parts, and the most common issue relates to leaking. If the wheel cylinders are leaking brake fluid then performance is compromised and you may not be able to stop the car as efficiently as you wish. If you notice any problems such as this then you need to look at new wheel cylinders, something you can buy here at Car Parts 4 Less. Browse our full collection of cheap wheel cylinders from some of the biggest brands today.
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