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Windscreen Washing
A lot of car owners use their windscreen washer fluid without even thinking about how the process works. They press the button or pull the handle in their car that squirts their screenwash onto the glass just expecting it to work. However, the screenwash itself is stored in a reservoir and needs to be moved from there, through pipes and then squirted onto the windscreen with enough power to reach the majority of your windscreen. This is done with the help of

windscreen washer pumps

that use power generated from the battery (and called upon when you press the button or pull the handle). If you notice that there is less screenwash than usual being used then it could be down to insufficient screenwash levels, or a problem with these windscreen washer pumps. If there is a loose connection, or a fault with the part, then it won't project the screenwash as you would like. You can, however, buy new windscreen washer pumps here at Car Parts 4 Less, along with a vast range of other cheap car parts for all makes and models, and we offer fast and free delivery.
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