Budget-Friendly Car Accessories and Styling Parts That Make a Difference

A range of car accessories and styling parts

Some people choose to spend thousands of pounds on their cars in an attempt to improve the looks, performance and efficiency and quite often this expenditure has little or no benefit. Instead of spending significant sums of money on your car with no guarantee of success, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the most budget-friendly car accessories and styling parts that will improve the performance and styling of your car.


We supply a range of car parts and accessories for all makes and models, and can advise you on the best of the products for your car.



During the 1990s and early 2000s it was cool to fit lights underneath your car, but like most fads this came and went. Instead of paying for expensive installations, one of the most effective ways of improving your car lighting is with a HID or LED lighting kit.


These headlights are much brighter and last significantly longer than your standard headlight bulbs, and look great once fitted so they improve the styling too.



We all want to get that little bit extra out of our cars, whether it’s a bit more speed or more miles per gallon out of a tank of fuel. Rather than fitting an expensive new exhaust or getting an expert to tune your engine so that it generates more power, one of the most effective methods of improving performance is to give your car a mini-service.

An air filter can boost engine performance

By changing all of your air, oil and fuel filters you can ensure that the system runs smoothly. This would keep the engine at its optimum temperature and all of the vital engine components will be well lubricated so that can run effectively. In turn the engine will respond by responding to changes in acceleration and braking.


Fuel Efficiency

Saving weight is a great way of maximising your fuel efficiency, so be sure to remove any unnecessary items from your boot – you would be amazed at how many people carry around items they haven’t needed for months.


If you do wish to find a way of increasing your fuel efficiency with some under-the-bonnet adjustments, then a new set of spark plugs could be the solution. While they work as part of the ignition system and don’t directly control the flow of fuel, spark plugs ignite the fuel/air mixture and will help the engine to run more smoothly and therefore more efficiently.



When you drive along the first thing that most people see of your car is the grille. This piece at the front of your car is designed to provide air for the radiator to keep everything cool under the bonnet, but it’s also a vital styling part.


It can, however, be hit by loose materials thrown up off the road and it can rust over time due to exposure to the elements. By replacing your grille with a brand new version, you can instantly freshen up the styling of your car and it usually only requires a few nuts and bolts.



We all want to arrive at our destination feeling comfortable, but rather than ripping out your current interior in favour of racing or leather seats it may be worth looking at ways of ironing out the bumps in the road.


A full interior revamp could prove to be costly and while the seats might provide the support you need you could still end up feeling every little stone along your route. One relatively inexpensive way of achieving a more comfortable ride is with a performance suspension kit or an upgraded shock absorber for your car.


All new cars come with a standard shock absorber but over time it can lose its support, especially if you travel long distances or over notoriously uneven roads. A new shock absorber will be ready for whatever challenge you throw its way and you could find that this is the solution to your travel-related back and joint pain.


For more information on car accessories and how you can improve your car’s looks and all-round performance without breaking the bank, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the Car Parts 4 Less team.